I’m Peter, nice to meet you!

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I use great design process to quickly define, articulate, and make tangible solutions to tough problems in high-uncertainty situations.  I generally have strong intuition for what will work, but when intuition fails, I use “hackgineering” to build scrappy prototypes that answer questions fast.

I’ve done consumer electronics mass manufacturing with Lutron and cutting edge robotics research in the Stanford AI lab, I’m great at making physical products and mechanical stuff, and I know how to design stuff people actually want using the human-centered design process I learned during my master’s with David Kelley at the Stanford d.school.  A few years ago I created and launched the “Zagbox” product line on Kickstarter, where I learned the hustle and nitty gritty of developing a product from inception to market.

For the past year I have been commercializing wearable "3rd arm" technology I developed in the Stanford AI Lab (cofounding with Dr. Kenneth Salisbury).

A joke about my iteration speed and bias toward action from my work in the Stanford AI lab:

An engineer, a mathematician, and Peter walk into a bar... and are challenged to design a wearable robot. 

The engineer pulls out his laptop and says, ‘I’ll work on some CAD and could have some some blueprints in a week or so.’

The mathematician says, ‘I’ll devise some equations to model this,’ and starts scribbling and typing code into Mathematica. 

When it’s Peter’s turn, he asks, ‘What do you think of this?’ and demonstrates a working prototype he built while the first two were talking, using a broomstick and some duct tape.
— Dr. Kenneth Salisbury